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Interesting experiment by MV goods #1

I was reading customer remarks on order sheets, and I found some interesting messages.

Let me share the messages.  There are many people who write messages when they order our goods. Thank you.


High Dimensional Navi


Thank you. This time, the company I will work for is big, and my income will increase.
The previous Navi [One of Maaya Village products] Maaya chosen for me was “Popularity, Attraction and Beauty”, so I believe that this will lead me to have a connection with the company.

This time, “Heath and Rejuvenation” Navi was chosen.

Actually, I got a cold last Monday. March 27.


However, I could not take the next day off, so I took a bath with Maaya’s salt.

Also, I cleaned the bracelet with the salt. In addition to that I used Maaya’s eye-mask and neck-band.

Regardless of what I did, my throat hurt and I couldn’t fall asleep.

I gurgled throat with salt water, and drank ginger hot water.

I put Maaya’s pink salt in a small bag and placed it around my throat (This worked)


I can’t believe that I got a cold, because it’s been a while since I’ve had these symptoms.


I think stress was piling up without me realizing it because of finding a new job.

I had some time off starting on the 29th, so I thought I might recover soon if it is a mental issue, but the problem has persisted.

I didn’t feel like eating much, either.

Then I was surprised to receive a Navi (MV goods) for “Health and Rejuvenation.”

It was as if you was watching me!


Thank you so much.



2) From a person who took the Reborn Program.


“ It may cause problems with the family line. My father’s business affairs haven’t been in good shape.…

Then, Navi Maaya selected  was “Job and Success”.  Right after I received the Navi, he got a request to work.”

(He is running his own business)


★I can see which world I should select for High Dimensional Navi (MV product) for you by just watching your name or the name of a deceased person. I can see “what world you need”


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on March 31 2017