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Today is Remote Healing Day- Ancestor spirits & Residual haunting”

I, Maaya, is exploring the invisible world with fun and fashionably. 😉


However, lately, I often say ” An ancestor spirit is…” and “A residual haunting is…” 😀


I had to say that, because when I took information for clients from the universe, the information described as that

When I face clients who have problems, I lead the causes of their problems and methods MV can solve by the information of the universe at first.


The cause that they have difficulty to live is:
whether or not their family-line, whether or not the place they live in, whether or not their past trauma, whether or not their brain, whether or not their habit of thought, whether or not ghost, whether or not ADM…


Searching the cause like that, the words such as “ancestor spirit” and “residual haunting” come up, so I can’t help it.  🙄


I don’t want to terrify people, so in the case the information I got may scare a human, I often don’t convey it those who is beginner to MV.

Because, if I bring the word such as ghost, it sounds like old medium in 80’s in Japan. I don’t like it.

(In 昭和[Showa era] 80’s, there was ghost/occult boom in Japan. So, there were many TV programs taking up that.
Medium often went to old houses and they said “there is a ghost over there “or “Your guardian spirit is saying that…)


I feel “it’s lame!”


If necessary, I will deliver it, but if they have “normal things” they should do before it, I will tell the normal things.


One day, I knew one cause that a client’s feelings and fortune was stagnating was “residual haunting”.

Therefore, I wrote down it thinking when I have a chance I would tell. So I showed the note to neither Shin not the client.


The end of the session, the client said:

“Lastly can I ask one more question? Actually when I was sleeping there were often that my legs were pulling. It that ghost?”


“Ah, I thought so… (As you asked it, so I will tell you)

Actually I was getting the information about you from the information of the universe. (Showing the note I wrote before)
See, here is “residual haunting”.  Yes it is. There are “residual haunting” in your apartment. In the case, easy solution is—“


The other day in my session.

“Your grand-mother on your father side is ….

Her — was similar to yours, so she is appealing to me that —“


“Well, I don’t know her name”


“Her name is —“


Later, she went back to home, and confirmed grand-mother’s name.


Surely, her name was —.

Later, this grand-mother appealed me once more.


Then her family-line started to change largely.


The spirit of grand-mother worked hard!

Awesome! She did it desperately!


This is a story which sounds lively to me and the grand-mother.


What the spirit of the family-line was appealing to the descendant? 


This story is suitable the secret seminar on April 22 and May 13, so I am planning the descendant talks about it. Please look forward to it.


Well, this blog is non-related to remote healing.


See you at 21:00PM in Japan time (Remote Healing)


I will deliver the energy, information and frequency of pure, high dimensional, light of 宇宙純粋意識領域(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki) to you.


From Maaya’s JP blog on April 13 2017