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“Remote Brain Treatment” Your brain is speaking to you. Listen to it’s voice #2

Case 3

Energy and information of a family-tree is too heavy. Your brain has sensed it.


Thank you for the Remote Brain Treatment. This is —.
I see what parts you fixed and how you treated my brain.
I read what parts and how you treated my brain.
Actually, in the morning, I felt that my temporal lobe was heavy and I had a headache.
Also, I felt tension around the back of head.

When the time came, the headache increased, and I felt an uncomfortable heaviness in behind the left eye. Also, I felt my brain was lacking oxygen. The condition had gone in five minutes.
I remember that I felt my brain was lifted intensely as if my conscious awareness was shifted and as if my head came off from neck.

My expression became exaggerated, but my head is light! Awesome!

Thank you so much.

When I underwent the Brain Treatment in your consultation room, there were no signal symptoms. Also, I felt fine.

Therefore, I understand the difference between undergoing the treatment at home versus in the MV room: my home hasn’t been properly prepared, and the energy is also different from that in the MV room. Something about that energy had a strong effect on me, and symptoms began to appear. I began to feel very heavy.


Later, I leaned what Maaya did — to the influence of my family-tree.

Yes, actually, I was feeling the lightness I had never felt before.

I can say that, up until that moment, I was living as if I was half asleep.

Because, now my visual field was broaden clearly. Yes, I can see clearly now!

Since the morning after the treatment, my shoulders and the base of neck feel very light!

Thank you so much.

Thinking that “I see. I thought so”, I am writhing this email.

I understood that the cause of symptoms of my body was my—‘s family-line, so


I would like to—-. Thank you for your help.


Like me, there is one who senses heavy information and the energy within one’s family tree.

Originally, it’s in a field of treatment where I don’t work: in brain treatment.

However, she took “Reborn Program” , “MV session” and “寺子屋(Seminar)” and she is seriously trying to fix herself.

Also, she understands ‘family energy’, so I applied first aid to her.



If you continue to perceive things such as 霊障[Reisho in Japanese, disorders by spirits], others’ heavy information, “界[Kai in Japanese, a world or realm]” you are connected intentionally and family-tree’s heavy energy, your conscious dimension, IQ and vibration drops.


Therefore, when the cause side is cut off from them, I think they feel like that:

>I remember that I felt my brains lifted intensely as if conscious dimension was raised up and as if my head came off from neck.


It’s annoying that you are lowered by someone rather than yourself, isn’t it?

It’s Maaya Village which gets rid of such annoying.

Viewing the world, there are few place and people who understand the invisible world widely and handle such things:
things living people omit,
arts and curses which were set on purpose,
界[Kai in Japanese,  world, realm] such as 神界[Japanese God World],
other healing or 気功[Kiko in Japanese, qugong],
Land and building,
family-tree, and others.

MV can handle these things.



Viewing people, it is not that because they have problem in themselves, their conscious dimension, IQ and vibration are low.
It is because the influence of energy, information, vibration, frequency and world around themselves.


Therefore, it is necessary for earthlings.


1. 断捨離[DanShaRi, throwing away things you don’t need] of unnecessary energy, information, vibration, frequency and worlds(realms)

2.Supplying energy of 宇宙純粋意識領域[Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki] where is energy field, truly light and pure high dimensional energy exists.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 18 2017