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When you touch low vibration world…5

There are many people who step into invisible world to hide own darkness and hurts or because they have no confidence of own existence or no healthy mind among people who say:

“I would like to work in invisible world”

“I would like to be recognized for invisible world work”

“I would like to have an ability to manipulate invisible world”

“I can see, sense and hear invisible world”



If you would like to step into the world, please heal your own hurts and darkness at first.


Well, it’s the same structure such as: people who ask for success desperately or trying to make money with desperation in visible world.


Therefore, when they achieve some extent of success or start to make money, they have serious illness such as they can’t move at all.


We often watch stories something like that in TV program.

TV picks the stories as  moving stories and creates such as:

“He had overcome various hardships since he was a boy, and his business he began without any capital to start with got succeed. When the business started to expand, he was affected with a disease, and now he can’t move at all. Dragging such a body, he is working hard still now…”

Also, many people who watch such stories regard as “inspiring stories”.


However, the best form is that at first you heal your hurts and darkness, then you start to work for greater goals. That way is that you can walk to your goal with your body and mind healthy.

Activities which you started from your hurts and darkness always deepens and enlarges your hurts and darkness.

The more rising it is, the bigger and deeper your hurts and darkness become.

Then, when a certain degree of level reaches, you can’t control them.


He stepped into invisible world.

He gratified own vanity or desire for recognition from others, and felt his superiority to others, camouflaged feeling of insufficiency and incapability, and misunderstood that he got power something great.

Eventually, the important organ, kidney…

The person lived with the same flow.


One day, I warned a woman who started a project with such a stream.

Then, I explained the above I wrote in detail to her.


As I expected, since she started the project, “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation”(MV main product) became dirty like she had never seen.

“The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” senses vibrations and energy of lands and human beings. When it touches negative information, heavy vibration or feelings, it changes such as: “bubbles”, “becomes cloudy” and “the color of stones changes”.

I got many reports that it bubbled and became cloudy the day before March. 11.

It sense vibrations and energy of groups and human beings which connected through PC and smart phone, too. It’s interesting device.


I often hear that the phenomena of getting cloudy, but it seemed that the dirt is beyond it in her case. The dirt on the floppy (stones) in the “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” started to stick to them.


“See. When you start a project to fill up a hole you feel such as your broken heart or darkness, such things grows. Yes, your “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” is reacting, isn’t it?
You had better think about the project from now on.
If you ignore the reaction of “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” and keep working on the project, you will get sick or scatter your negative information to others around you.”


“Actually last month…”


It seemed that her body gave a symptom already.


To be continued.

From Maaya’ s  JP blog on Mar. 2 2017