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When you touch low vibration world…3

Before, I have taken care of a person who had connected to a world.

The kind of world is different from the world I was affected this time,
but the low vibration is common in the two worlds.


The person had complained ; “Around kidney is painful” for decades.


I am sort of empath, so I can know your condition and the movement of brain.

Therefore, when I was with the person, the same part hurt.


Then, I felt and knew the part the person felt pain clearly,
so I touched the part :“It is here, isn’t it?”.


The person who had complained about a pain around kidney in hospitals for decades said:

“This is the first time! A person who found out the area I feel pain!

 Yes, that’s right. It is here! Nobody I asked for help in hospitals found out”.


“Ah, I see. I am empath. I can know the place without deviation.

Also, I can know what kind of pain by my body.

Anyway, it is difficult for normal people to find your part you feel pain.

In case of you, it is not that kidney is sick physically. It is energy problem.”



The person has been connected to low vibration and evil spirits of world, such as an animal ghost world.


When I met the person for the first time, I felt “dirty”.

Of course, the person is not dirty in a sanitary meaning.

The world the person connected and things the person emitted was dirty.


Speaking of which, when I watched a DVD Shin went into for a few days, I said the same thing: “dirty!”


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 22 2017