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Adults with developmental disorders” True story! An omen!”-6-


I believe that “we, Japan should tackle with this problem“strongly.

I think it’s impossible for one person or one company to work on the problem.
※It’s unreasonable except for big companies.


Drop of bosses’ productivity is drop of companies’ productivity.

Eventually, it means the drop of my country’s productivity.

・If you see this feature, he or she is suspected of having “developmental disorders”.

・For those who have ” feature of developmental disorders”, this work is suitable.
On the contrary, that work is not suitable, so please not let her/him do the work.
*because, it’s not her or his luck of efforts or laziness.

・Please instruct him or her like this.

・Please add this method to the environment.

・Please put – adviser for workers who have developmental disorders [– adviser /per –workers] in a company.etc.


If so, some professional schools and certificate will be needed.

Also, professional occupation will be created, like financial planners or SME management consultants.


Anyway, I would like many more people know “developmental disorders”.

Those who have “developmental disorders” have lived having unusual anguish over years.

They have lived without knowing they have “developmental disorders”.

Therefore, they have tried many things to improve their lives.

However, in case the cause is “developmental disorders”, it has no effect at all.


They are not good at having good communication. 


This is the common problem among them.

That’s why their communication ability doesn’t improve even they go to “conversation school” or “manner school”.

In other words, they can’t understand “others’ feelings”.

Therefore, I think their families and workers who work together have difficult experiences.


I am in unique environment now.

I don’t know why, but those who have developmental disorders have showed up in front of me since 2013.

The flow doesn’t stop.


I have tackled energy/information problems, but now also tackle this sincerely thinking this is some signal and accepting it.

I have exchanged opinions with university psychiatrists.

The flow is coming to us.

Therefore, I hope I can reveal and improve “developmental disorders” by my fields: energy, information, worlds, brain, languages, dimension, antenna and sensor.

One of these is an art I used yesterday, which changes systems in brain and I have searched since last year. 


The art needs to be improved. MV keeps the search as we can release the art to you.

I think there is a meaning that those who have developmental disorders came to MV, so I will continue to study without resistance to the stream.


The sense of victimization.

Blame and grudge to others.

Guilty conscience and self-denial. 


These are words from an email I got.

Those who have “developmental disorders” have such feelings, thoughts and sense. 

If so, their lives can’t move to lighter stages.


Please look forward the arts I will release in the future.

What I can say as a technical expert and researcher, so far, “developmental disorders” is not simple problem which be cured easily.

Actually, when we confront “developmental disorders” we should see another parameter, too.

Perhaps specialist noticed already. 

Up to it, I think we have to change the way to approach.


There are many works and arts which I used in MV Terakoya (seminars)Anyway, seems it will be a big program, but I will work on that.