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Adults with developmental disorders” True story! An omen!”-5-

Developmental disorders: how brain works is different by each features.

Therefore, how to remember, grasp and proceed work is different by each features.

Also, they have strong  and weak points each features..

If bosses in normal companies instruct them adjusting to each features, it tough for bosses.

Perhaps, bosses will be sick mentally.


I am telling this though my experience.

Therefore, previously I wrote that it won’t be all right no matter bosses or companies try hard.


To be honest with you, I think there are too many adults with developmental disorders.


It’s fine that big companies can prepare some systems right away, it would be great.

However, there are many companies which can’t.

Also, basically companies are to increase productivity.

Therefore, time for educations and instructions and resources are limited.


For instance, a boss has three members.

Firstly, he or she is “ADHD”, secondly he or she is “ASD” and thirdly he or she is “AS(Asperger)”.


Unspoken rules in working place and society don’t work for them.

They have their own ways of sensation, grasping, understanding and proceeding works.

Also, they have vivid strong points and weak points.


Bosses are already busy with their own works.


In addition to that, if they choose how to speak, words and instruction according to features of workers with developmental disorders, they have to switch own brains every time they communication with workers with developmental disorders.


It will be huge burden for bosses to switching brain working own jobs, taking consideration of “developmental disorders” which is unknown field.


Boss would be worn down.

Also, companies’ productivity would decrease.


For instance, a boss warns him or her harder a bit because he or she doesn’t have common sense and caused troubles to many people.


He or she doesn’t understand how much he or she bothered people and rude, what his or her behaviors, actions and grasping are at all, because they can’t monitor themselves.

*There are many cases like this actually.


Among them, a boss who warned is who scares them, shouted at them emotionally, and gets angry soon.

The boss is pitiable.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 9 2017