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Adults with developmental disorders” True story! An omen!”-4-

 “You always change your mind”

This phrase is very familiar for those who know developmental disorders well.

Actually, “You always change your mind” is not correct.
Even we tell them coherently
and logically, they take it “changeable”.




From the point, we can see how we without developmental disorders command our brain naturally.


For instance, suppose, we are told that “In this case, please do A” by our parents or boss in a situation.


Next, we encounter a situation which is different a little bit from the previous situation.  Characters in the situation are different.


In the situation we think ” Basic is A, but because of change of ___situation and relationship of___, let’s do A’ this time”.


Then, the action is suitable for the situation.


Like this, when I explain it in sentences, it sounds difficult.
However, those who are not with developmental disorders do these things super naturally.


“In this case, please do A”
This is a basic, and it differs by situations, characters and purposes every time.
Therefore, we should derive best answer adding slight change to answer A for each situations.


However, people developmental disorders can’t add slight change and choose always A because what they see and listen once say in their head for long.


Therefore, somehow things become inconsistent.


For sure, parents or boss said A.
Normally we can choose A’ without saying, so they didn’t tell about it.


For whom chose A, “It’s wrong! Why you did A? Please don’t let me tell you same thing repeatedly!”


“Because you said do A before!”


Something like this happens.


Here, parents or bosses wonder “What is this bad communication?” and they are at a loss.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 9 2017