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I am feeling “View I see is different” -2-

MV is not a place where your life turns 180 degrees by just one mystical magic.
MV is not a place where we cast a spell one-sidedly without changing your thoughts, consciousness, actions and habits.


Unhappy people and those who can’t go well have causes within themselves.


Therefore, we have session, large-scale programs, 寺子屋[ Terekoya in Japanese, seminar] for you to be able to change whole yourself.


We give you various wisdom: how to think, how to communicate with people, how to talk, hot to look when problems occur and how to act, etc. there.


It’s wide range from high dimensional things to down to earth things.


That’s in the only way which you can live independently on the globe.


Even somebody casts a spell to you and a thing works well, next time, you can’t deal with things by yourself, and you need to be dependent somebody.


It means that you haven’t lived your life by yourself.


MV doesn’t want to produce such people, so MV gives various wisdom to you.


There are many people with knowledge of words haven’t made use of it in their lives.


That’s why we deliver various wisdom using many examples and my experiences.


If you don’t have wisdom which works in your real life, your life doesn’t go up at all.


If you keep studying knowledge in books on the desk only, you finish your life being a walking dictionary only.


People who say “I know anything!” proudly and make full of and look down others will be created.


If so, they are disliked. Also they will live without fixing inside of themselves.


Therefore, MV gives wisdom which works in your real life. 😛 


Fathers, mothers and teachers can’t teach these wisdom.


Rather than that, they don’t now the wisdom, so they can’t teach you. 😥 
Therefore, people step into XX religions, psychology spiritual world.
What their teaching, wisdom and methods are mostly not functional on the three dimensional society.
(Actually, when you have human ability, you can get useful information from garbage information. Therefore it’s up to you actually. In other words, if your inside is in strange state, you can’t use it well no matter you hear wisdom and methods)


You shall wander like a gypsy: that psychic, that group, that god, that shrine, that powerful spot and that program…
I hope those who are wandering seeking for “how to walk on the earth” can find teaching, wisdom and methods which work well in the three dimensional society.
If you can find it and create yourself which function well[ it means you understand wisdom fully], that’s the card!


Those who live finely, lightly and simply, confidently, joyfully and strongly on the earth every day acquired the teaching, wisdom and methods which function well in the three dimensional society.


MV has produces such people.


It’s my joy. 😉 


The end.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 4 2017