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Adults with developmental disorders” True story! An omen!”-1-

Today was a session day.

I used the latest technique for the second person.


The technique is I’d researched since last year.

This changes human brain system.


It’s a view of a world I talked last year at meetup.

Yes, it changes words in your brain.


Anyway, it produces huge effect!

I will watch her further change, but I felt a certain reaction.


I prolonged the sessions and her brain was very bad, because, I thought it’s hardball and if this doesn’t work it’s the end of the rope.


Therefore, after I got home my brain and nerves got exhausted.

To relax them I watched a variety show laying down in living room.


The program is “True story! Omen”.

I didn’t expect a story from the title, but the end the story came up.
Yes, it’s about “developmental disorders” which I have faced since 2013. August.

It the program, the story is about “an adult with developmental disorder”.


I meet such adults with considerable probability, so think there are many adults with developmental disorders.


Because of my job, I have chances to ask them about childhood.


Observing from it, adults with developmental disorders are not that they got developmental disorders after grown up.

They were developmental disorder since they were child, but compared with adults, life was simple, and subjects were easy, so big problems didn’t happen. [They were just regarded like: You are an interesting person. you are goofball. You are forgettable. You are shy. You are too much]

Going out into the world, when they work with various generation and people, and do work which require various parts of brain, then the difference between them and those not like them got wider. Just like that.


When they were a child, even they lacked common sense a little bit,
people said “they are child” and other looked them generously. However, then they go out into the world…

When they are twenty’s, seniors help, teach and overlook their fault thinking “you are young” “you are kid”” you don’t know the society” “you are in the Japanese Millennial Generation [A generation of cram-free education]”



When they become thirty, thirty-five and forty, others think “Ah? This person is…what? I can’t understand”. Like that, situation that they surprise others increases.


Then, finally, others think” This person may be what we call developmental disorders?”


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 9 2017