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【Important】“空”(KU) –Maaya’s interpretation-2

MV uses the energy of “空(KU)”
to remote force healing, all 波動(Hado, wave motion )転写(copied) products  like “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation”(MV main product), secret goods for family line and high dimensional Feng-Shui shield and large-scale program.


Therefore, various phenomena occur. Everyone can cause great changes safely.


※Sometimes detox phenomena occur for whom have saved too much negative information.


In the world, those who dabble in various mystic worlds and arts end in tragedy is because they connect to dimensions lower than “空“(KU).

The systems of dimensions lower than “(KU)” works.


In the first place, their consciousness can’t surpass a dimension which has antagonism and separation like “善(good)・悪(bad)”, “正(right)・邪(wrong)”,”優(superiority)・劣(inferiority)”,
so they can neither connecting to “空(KU)“nor handling the energy of “空(KU).


It is a dimension which has antagonism and separation like “善(good)・悪(bad)”, “正(right)・邪(wrong)”,”優(superiority)・劣(inferiority)”,
so you come into antagonism or separate to get something invariably



・You used some power to be promoted. Then, you ruined your health in exchange for it.


・You used some power to get money. Then, you lost a child in exchange for it.


・You used some power to success of love. Then, suffered various misfortune later


・You used some power to get mystic power. Then, your life got heavy and muddy and you got unhealthy, poor and your unhappiness increased, you got not be liked by others, and your mind got unstable and you started to emit unhappy aura.


・You learned some arts as you wanted to work of driving away evils spirits. However, you could not exorcise them. On the contrary, you were haunted.


・You learned learned how to relief others’ pain, but found yourself constantly in pain.




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From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 26 2016