Daily Archives: 2016-09-29

New human? or…

I had a wonderful day, yesterday.

It was a beneficial day♪


Well, we had conversations below.


Maaya: To be honest with you, eating is bothersome a little bit form…If possible, living without eating is better for me.  In addition, taking bath and brushing teeth…I hope I can live without these actions.  It’s bothersome, isn’t it? (I would like to spend time for other things)


Mr. ○○: There is smell matter, so those actions are fine for me.


Maaya: No, I mean, it’s best if nothing be secreted from an object, human being. Then, it won’t get dirty, so no need taking a bath Right?.


Ms.△△: Ah, I see. It’s like “Ami, Child of the Stars. There is a scene Ami says a similar thing.. In a spaceship there is ….and  no need taking bath and so on


Maaya: I see.


We drank delicious alcohol having such conversations.


I said so, but I take a bath and brush my teeth 🙂


From Maaya’s JP blog on Se. 27 2016