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The power of 波動調整(Fixing Hado, vibes) card

Yes, the cards work marvels, so if you have the cards, please try!



I had been unwell since the middle of Aug, and I had worked nursing my body.


I had been super busy as it’s natural to be poor shape, so I thought “it’s because of fatigue~”

Also, most of works were I need to touch very negative information, so thought “I was affected a little bit”…


However, one month and ten days passed.


So, thinking “It’s enough! I can’t pour 100% energy in my work!” I got the information of the universe, today…


“Ah… As I thought, this is it!”, yes I found the cause.


From before, various phenomenon had been caused because of this, so I had created a card for it.


A card I created impromptu for only several persons.


This isn’t sold yet in online shop.


Because, this is the card I can’t create without determining the cause getting the information of the universe in MV Hybrid Session.


Now, I put the card together all MV 波動転写(copied Hado, vibes)cards on disorder parts of my body.

Instantly, I became comfortable! 😆


Writing a blog was exhausting,  but now I can write a blog


If you have the card or MV 波動転写(copied Hado, vibes) card, please try!



If your disorder parts are on your back or chest, please put the card by attaching a pocket on your under wear and so on.


Of course, hanging it from your neck is OK!


If it’s kidney or stomach area, you can put it into belly band.


Human’s notion, 邪気(Jaki, evil spirit), energy of low vibration, strange information, heavy worlds…

In this world there are various things which are invisible, but affect to us.


In the case, please use MV products!


Today, I felt immediate effect of MV products, again.


Then, the reason why it has immediate effect is I am well versed in energy and information world.


It’s decades since I had felt energy and information world and started to search it.


Due to the decades, I think I am thoroughly familiar with it.


I would like to master the world more and more, so I am devoting myself to researching it from morning to night every day.


I provide the results to you, and you are pleased.


Once more, please try to manage MV cards again!


I hope your healthy life.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 22 2016