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A body part where male practitioner gave up….Only one card…3


There are level 1 and 2 of “邪気祓い, JAKI-barai, exorcist card” on online shop.

You had better put in card case as it can touch place you feel hard.

(Basically, SORAKO mark direction had better be your body , but observing your condition, you can make the direction to the opposite side. Observing your body by yourself is the basic)


頭(head),首(neck), 肩(shoulder),耳(ear),胸(breast),心臓(heart),胃(stomach),腸(bowel),腰(back),足(leg) and so on.

Each parts are related to something energy.


Please think of way to the card be located in a place you feel hard.

Please use your “邪気祓い, JAKI-barai, exorcist card” more effectively.


The end.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 29 2013