Daily Archives: 2016-09-22

Only my husband got a raise!

We have secret good which fixes information and energy of family-tree from high dimensional space.


Who set the good said in a session…

“Actually, I hadn’t set the goods for a several days since I received it.

Because it’s precious good and I wanted to set it at best timing.

Then, on the day I set, my husband came back home and said…”Awesome! I got a raise! Only me!”

Regardless of the firm’s poor performance, though there are hundreds employee, only my husband got a raise!


“Company of which performance is poor gave a pay raise …to only her husband…

It’s like a miracle. It’s unusual.

It may be “THANKS” from ancestor.”


Watching all thorough MV work, there were many events which weren’t defined by “THANKS from ancestor?”


Writing “it from ancestor” may sound old, but we can explain it from dimension and connection with invisible world.


By the way, this person has a problem in residence, so “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation(MV main product)” in her house gets white and cloudy in two days.


“The Source of Universal Unlimited Creation” gets cloudy in short time shows that the place is strange, so please find resolutions in session and so on.


No matter what you fix your family-line, if your residence has problem, it disturbs health, mind, fortune, finance and development…, so, be careful please.


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 27 2016