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The stunner is 【土地・建物用 Land・Building】邪気祓い・霊障解消 JAKI, Exorcism・Curse Removal Card-3-

I recommend “土地・建物カード(Land・Building card)”for whom are effected by energy easily.

(There are two types. Using two cards together will be more powerful)


I used to be influenced by land and building, so I modulated my physical condition, brain condition, feelings, atmosphere and mental condition.
Therefore, to fix myself better I created not only “宇宙の泉(The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation)” but also “土地・建物カード(Land・Building card)”
>Chronic pain on my back got easy.

I am not immersed in sadness and anger remembering old memories any more.

No more too much eating sweets because of stress.

Face and body swelling has gone and overall I think I got be slender.

My face got bright.

Also, my kids got energetic.

Looking improved problems, seems she had been influenced by heavy vibration.
Back… yes, it is related to that.

Feeling of heavy vibration affects brain, and related to binge eating…

That may related to binge eating of sweets.

If you have that, face and body becomes swollen easily.


Yes, negative feeling energy and brain are related, probably.

There are people whose face is dark-red because of the influence.
If human beings live in high dimensional energy, information and vibration, they become energetic, healthy, active, positive, pleasant, body becomes light and brain get smart, and life is all rose.

Yes, it’s real. 😀


These things have a relation to the content of Terakoya on Dec, 12, so I may incorporate it.
Energy, information and vibration…
These are invisible, so it is awkward.

However, I can sense them and transform them, so I believe my gifts are welcome ability and wisdom which can contribute to you.
Though you can’t see, but there are energy, information and vibration…surely.

It’s good you can recover by medicine or operation in hospital, but being disordered because of different cause in real world, isn’t it?  Certainly.



I think who read my blog have sort of experiences?


Future people is enhancing these understanding, certainly.
Today’s people,

If you keep conscious world, energy, information and vibration away saying “invisible world is strange”,

After a little while,

You will be called as

You are behind the times,

You don’t have wisdom.

Stupid person without knowledge,

Primitive person.


MV’s management is based on energy, information, vibration and consciousness.


I think this is future type and high dimensional management method.


More wiser method is, it can be perfect if we add ・・・・


I like HYBRID.

I think it is the highest degree of freedom.


I would like to deliver these things when I hold “Work, management and running business Terakoya”.


Well, I go back to my work 😉


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 15 2015