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The stunner is 【土地・建物用 Land・Building】邪気祓い・霊障解消 Exorcism・Curse Removal Card-2-

The stunning was【土地・建物用 Land・Building】邪気祓い・霊障解消 Exorcism・Curse Removal Card Set!

Every time I set a card I felt dizzy as if the density of energy was thick.

Chronic pain on my back got easy.

I am not immersed in sadness and anger remembering old memories any more.

No more too much eating sweets because of stress.

Face and body swelling has gone and overall I think I got be slender.

My face got bright.

Also, my kids got energetic.


I didn’t know how much I had been influenced.


I changed residences three times, and I was bad physically there, so I thought it’s my nature.

I didn’t think current land and building was bad.


Thank you for the great product!


It’s great! I am pleased that the card is very helpful to you. 🙂 
>I felt dizzy as if the density of energy was thick
Seems you are were feeling it every much.


Actually there are people who sense something like that.


Therefore, being in bad place, they become got unwell accordingly, and being in good place, they get well accordingly.


Yes, I am such a person, too. My body is simple.


However, fixing house, you can be in good condition always.


Continuation of good condition of yourself is “the quality of your life had been improved”.


“波動製品(Hado goods) to improve the quality of your life” is MV goods.


Not only MV goods, but also, remote healing, session, 寺子屋(Terakoya)and secret goods are to transform your energy, information and vibration strongly.


Then, you won’t lose even you touch a little negative energy.
Then, the more you are fixed,

the more you can do

change negative energy to positive energy,

heavy thing to light thing,

rough thing to smooth thing,

low dimensional thing to high dimensional thing,.

diseased thing to healthy thing,

weak thing to strong thing,

dark thing to light think,

invisible thing to visible thing,

and foolish person to wise person.

Yes, you will be able to do these things gradually.



MV and my aim is there.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 31 2015