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The stunner is 【土地・建物用 Land・Building】邪気祓い・霊障解消 Exorcism・Curse Removal Card

Thank you for sending 【土地・建物用 Land・Building】邪気祓い・霊障解消 Exorcism・Curse Removal Card Set and stone for good match.

The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation (MV main product) takes effect slowly, so I am looking forward to the future.

YES, “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” produces effects gradually.

In my case, it’s the same.



Houses which hold too much negative energy often detoxicate a lot.


The data has been collected through my work, and shows there are differences by location even in small Japan. Also, it differs by family-lines’ energy.

“The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” produces high dimensional energy as I named it High dimensional energy generator absolutely.


Do you know what if high dimensional energy poured into negative energy, heavy 波動(wave motion)of individuals, family-line, ground and family?

Things which don’t suit to high dimensional energy try to go out with terriblerapidity.

Coming to the surface is detoxication.


MV goods cause detoxication often.


Because, there are energy in the goods truly.

Because, it is true high dimensional energy.
“The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” senses the condition of energy delicately (like myself), and it tells us by bubbling or turning water white and cloudy.


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 31 2015