Daily Archives: 2016-09-16

POWER of MV 波動転写 (Vibes copied Sticker)-Get Smart!-

Since I put 邪気(JAKI, Exorcism)・Curse removal sticker on four corners on my bed, I was be able to sleep well, and sad emotion, depression, displeasure and pains on my joints in the morning has gone.

Thank you very much!


All stickers are great, but it’s  best to put a sticker which your desires shall be realized on four corners of your bed!!

We sleep on the bed for 365 days and spend there for 6-8 hours, so please fix your ”PLACE” best.


After you sleep and wake up, you will be fixed automatically.


Not being able to sleep well is damage to “brain”, so if you would like to improve your head, please try to sleep well!


In addition to that, putting “頭脳(Brain) sticker” shall make you wiser.


I put the stickers on “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation(MV main product)” in MV session room, and it’s great.


Please try and put them on various things and places. 😉


From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 15 2016