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Life won’t change without detoxing stagnation and clogging of “your information world”-2-

Actually, “Secret session” has been conducted a lot, 
and I have dove into their “information world”.

I sneak into “information world”, so I don’t touch their bodies at all.

No touching at all, so you who see only “physical world” may think no influence.

However, when we go into the world of who have hold, sustained and stuck in too harsh “information world”,
 (though we defend) sometime we are shot.

We access their worlds which they created by themselves too, so there are many things.
I have touched “information” and “energy” world over decades, but at that time, 
I recognize again that there is “information world” and it’s connected with physical world.

Well, it’s my work, so I accept like “such things are OK sometimes”, but problems is 
that  their days and lives must had been hard and whatever they did everything backfired , 
as they had hold, sustained and stuck in harsh “information world” as I was shot.

I think there are many people who made effort using time and money thinking “I would like to change! I would like to change my life!”

However, I often think that “their efforts are just a drop in the bucket” by just their power holding the “information world”.

MV can see your whole “information world”.
MV can see your problems even you don’t notice yet.

Therefore, we can fix it, but in case you can’t do by yourself, you had better ask for help sometime.

Your back is a part you can’t see.

Even it hurts and itchy, it’s hard to …by yourself.

When you ask for help and others treat a part you feel pain or itchy, you can be comfortable soon.

Like that, I hope you can use MV session.

From Maaya's JP blog on Oct. 15 2014