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Life won’t change without detoxing stagnation and clogging of “your information world”-1-

Thank you for ○○card and Karma set!!


When I opened a box, I felt something I had never felt, and also I had a feeling of oppression.

Reading the description, grateful feelings came out from my heart and I was seeing them for a while.


Regarding ○○card, the product is created by tremendous technique from tremendous dimension, so you may feel oppression (difference of energy) which different from MV standard products.


Because, the thing which is fixed is …..


It is not fixing only one person… 🙂


I took it to ○○. Then, when I put it into ○○ my legs felt cool and lighter!


Feeling strange cool sensation I was glad and spent a day lightly(*^-^*)

My father left a company early and was down in a bed on the day because of ……

Also, my mother had felt nauseous until the day before I put ○○ card into ○○^_^;


I understand that. Information world and human body is connected directly.


Fixing information world, sometime changes in body occurs.

Especially ○○card brings strong transformation.


Well, nausea is very much ○、and it is related to ○○card.


Now that the pain on my foot has gone.

I can’t thank you enough!!


Though words are simple, thank you so much.


Sometimes putting ○○card into ○○, some symptoms come out once.

Then, gradually, it gets well…


“Karma Set” which the person said.
↓   ↓   ↓

I put Karma bracelet, Karma card and karma strap on, and interestingly, persons around me are irritated. I understand that persons around me are irritated by me…

However, persons around me are irritated is because my inside comes out, so I would like to fix my inside. 


Yes, “negative feelings”, “negative information” and “negative energy” within yourself moves out,

so person around you may rotting smell? Rotting energy.


There are great series!!To know myself and get deep realization and understanding, I will make full use of them!

Thank you very much!!!


Yes, thank you for using it for it :-P.


MV products contain high dimensional and informational methodology, so should be helpful for your “deeper realization, understanding are knowing yourself….

Please detox stagnation and clogging of “information world “ you hold.

Then, please replace it with good quality one.

Holding too much heavy and stagnated “information world”, it’s hard for you to shift to lighter world. 

Information world, energy world is the world which is massive and influential.


If it is too much heavy, complicated and stagnated, it is natural that you are unable to cope with it by your own consciousness and mind only.


MV is helping: you can understand the structure of the world and you can change your way of life shift from heavy and unlucky life to light and happy life.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 15 2014