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Refreshment–washing hair by salt–

Dear Maaya, Shin.


This morning I received goods I ordered!
・・・Omission・・・I was so moved!


You seem busy every day, but you used your precious time for me.

Thank you so much.
Reading feedback from others, I am not enough and need to try harder, but I think I am changing after I met Maaya Village.


These days, I had ne irritated by a little thing, so I cleaned a floor by MV salt and set piled salt, then I felt    the air in my house got lighter.

I know that long hair is not good as it draws odd things, but I was making an excuse that short hair doesn’t suit me.

However, I read your recent blog, and I wonder that high rate of meeting strange persons and my irritation is because of my long hair?

Then, I washed my hair by hot water with Special Maaya Salt, and I found that I felt my head got lighter!

I was really pleased and wrote long email.

I just wanted to tell you that, so no need reply.


In this year, I would like to set “The Source of The Unlimited Creation” in my house and I would like to change the conditions under which I live little by little.

Thank you!

Yes, long hair is……
If you are sensitive, possessed by something easily, feel something heavy always and negative always, please refer to it. 😀

FYI, I like short hair.

I would like to my hair very short, but Shin said “(compared with my personality?) long hair may be able to balance? 😆 ”

Well, I think I understood it, and these days I am glowing my hair. 😉 


After all, balance is important to everything.
It’s good to rub Maaya’s Salt or Maaya’s Special Salt into your hair, head skin or part you feel heavy in bathroom.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 8 2012