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Card which works so hard

☆ Dear Maaya ☆


I received 健康 (Health) Card, Special Maaya Salt and MV Card Case yesterday, and thank you so much!!!


I was moved by Maaya’s message…!



I used to have a poor appetite, feel something stuck in my throat and can’t casual conversation…


However, since I put on 健康 (Health) Card ….I found that I had a good appetite and got motivated!!


It was not my imagination that I felt tired since previous card has been bent(><)


It’s really good to renew the card!!

I am going to dispose the previous card saying thank you.



A person said that

a child had hiv○s and went to a hospital, but he can’t shake off it …

Then, the person got advise that “it’s good to do xxx and xxx with Special Maaya Salt” from a friend who loves Maaya Village, then, she tried it. Then, successively…..


Also, I heard that when she saw “JAKI (purification evil) card” for her child, the card had been bent and hurt…


I think the card worked so hard as it fully played its roll.
When a card confronts heavy and intense thing, sometime, it’s lost, bent, dirty or tired, so please replace it to new one.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 16 2012