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“Great Salt” the pain on back seems unreal now

Thank you as always.

The remaining of Special Maaya Slaty became less, so will buy the salt again. (*^_^*)

The salt is really great!

Now that I hadn’t been able to move because of the pain on back seems unreal
Well, there is something I would like to inform you about!


・・・could enter a private high school on a recommendation!

In addition to that, ・・・ will be exempted from admission fee and tuition!

Is this because of MV Fortune Misty?

Is this because of MV High Dimensional Navi which fixes family-tree?

“Thanks to Maaya~~” I fairly chuckled (ahaha)

Of course, he did his best in club activities, but I was really surprised.

I appreciate your continued support (^_^)/


A person said to me many times that below.


She rubbed Special Maaya Salty on her knee every time when she took a bath.


Her knee which a disease had been diagnosed in a hospital doesn’t feel pain at all now by rubbing on Special Maaya Salty.


That’s all what she did. 🙂 


It’s happy to be able to do good-by to pain without operation and medicine.


In dairy life, knee or back which supports body gets well means improving the quality of life.


Also, congrats on passing the entrance.


Nothing starts without the effort of a person, but the energy world, when you can use the world well, it can give the person a boost.

This time, it’s a tailwind effect. Surely, there is an energy of headwind effect.


Therefore, I delivered abandoning energy to you many times.

However, this part seems that most people in the world have been brainwashed by exiting viewpoints.
They can’t understand it deeply without taking “MV the universal mail TERAKOYA”.


MV thinks it’s most important part.
I will deliver the structure of energy world in next TERAKOYA so I hope you understand it well and deeply.

Without understanding the part, you can’t understand the essence of MV, also you can’t make best use of it for yourself.


MV will continue to do such a work.


Removing your wrong knowledge.

This is the first.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 28 2015