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MV goods effects-Special Maaya Salty to bad condition area-

I think there are many who don’t know, so let’s run though.


Crystal doesn’t have power.

The effects of crystal will be changed by what dimension, intension, Hado(wave motion) and energy pours into the crystal.

Salt doesn’t have power.

Whether how much intentional energy of who understand the structures of the universe, dimension, space, energy, frequency and consciousness, etc, can pour into the salt…


These structures shall create various effects.
These systems produce various effects.

Maaya, Shin,

Thank you as always.

I received Maaya’s special salty.

I cleaned entrance and floor by water I dissolved the salt into.

I felt refreshed.

I cleaned XX’s bed who were in a hospital.

I make full use of the salt(^^)

When somebody in a hospital, using the salt in the way is great.

It’s great to clean around a person who have been sick in bed.

It’s easy to reset the information as disease, disorder and feeling unwell, etc.


I read that you would explain about neck,shoulder-blade and back is in JAKI (purification of evil) Trakoya…

and I was wondering it somehow…(^^;)
I understand it’s not because of age.


I think there are people who feel pain around the area because of their age, 🙂 

but, sometimes it’s not because of their age. 😉 


FYI, my mother rubbed the salty into the skin around her knee, and she was surmised. Her knee got lighter!


My son is in doubt, but he felt nervous because when he put the salt around bad condition area, it got better .


Namely, slight bad condition in daily life is….

What energy I produced,,, so I will reflect back on myself and be more careful (>_<)

It’s not only your problem,

Human beings have been effected by various invisible worlds. 😥

We have to fix these side by viewing these side,

Or we can’t realize hopes; health, fiancé, harmonious marriage, family and others in this world.


If you start to understand the structure of the side, phenomenon in this world starts to change.
However, this is deep story, so if you are with fluffy spiritualism, you can never ever understand it.


Therefore, sometimes difficult expression comes out. However, I would like you who metなので、MV be strong, deep and wise, so I hold “MV The Universal Terakya”


Thank you for your email! 😀 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 16 2014