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Space tells “invisible information”-1-

Not only email but also this space we exist itself tells me invisible information.


Assume I go to an event held by somebody or place owned or managed by somebody.


In my case, since before I leave home, my condition changes often.


I don’t know how to express…Let me try.

The more being versed or mastering invisible world truly they are, and the more they are possessed by cosmic entity, invisible space wiggles more…

Well, it’s hard to describe it.


My sensor is stretched long to invisible space, so I get various information like touching them in the space.

“Oh…today I sense thing which has pressure and mass. The person I will meet today has power to change invisible world very much” etc.

These days I came to understand the relationship between the person’s ability and what I feel very well.


In session or Brain Treatment, when the person approaches to MV session room and even the person hasn’t arrived yet.

“Uu… Something is coming to my brain… it causing a stir very much.  I guess somebody who has a problem in brain will come”

Like that, I sense and understand it.

Then, actually such a person comes to session room.

(Of course, the person went to a hospital and a disease was diagnosed by the doctor. It’s neither my prejudice nor the person’s prejudice)

*MV is not medical institution, so please refrain from using MV for therapeutic purposes.
Therefore, as long as our sensors work well functionally, we can catch various information earlier rather than anyone and precision machine. We can get information of the filed which even precision machine can’t measure.

(Machine on the globe right now is made by present scientific technology, and others are in multidimensional universe. Therefore, surely, machine on the globe can’t digitalize the field and dimension which the science hasn’t reached yet)


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 21 2016