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【Getting Brainless and poor】○○○ which sticks to ground

Though it sounds old, there is information of XXX which sticks to ground.


Previously, I got information of a person in MV Hybrid Session in 2014.


Then, the information said XXX which sticks to ground is in the…


・I shouldn’t scare the person.

・Coping method costs money

so, I didn’t tell the information to the person.


When we have stronger trusting relationship with you and your understanding of informational world deepened, you don’t have to be scared and misunderstand MV and me as vicious XXXchic.
Therefore, I decided not to tell until the time comes.
(Well, I can say that it was left over because the person had a lot of information I should deliver)


Anyway, MV is considerate for sort of things, too.

“If I deliver the information to the present person, all or nothing”

Delivering what I feel as it is truly is childish and stupid. 😉


I am working thinking of that : what should I do to navigate this person by more natural and better way?


Therefore, I change explanation and words up to people.
Sometime I tell completely different thing up to them.


Two years later since the session…

The person requested “Reborn Program  Full” and took the program, so in the program we used methods as much as we can.
People who took several Terakoya[seminar] and sessions, can learn about  ○○○ which sticks to ground calmly and wisely without fear.


Anyway, there are typical symptoms of ○○○which sticks to ground. ( Land information is heavy)

・disorder of a part of body.

・no vitality

・”bad Luck”: no matter family works hard, they can’t great result.

・can’t develop financially.



Please try to set “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation”(MV main product) on the land and building.


It shall become dull white in color in two days impressively.


If “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” becomes dull white in color… how about the water of our body?  our cell? our brain? What it would be….


If we don’t live in the house and land which is good quality energy, light vibration and no relation to heavy information,  our head will be be poor,  vitality will be stolen,  disorders will appear on various parts, get old too much,  become negative thinking,  fortune, chance, money and relationship runs away… perhaps.


For the purpose, “MV High Dimensional Feng-Shui” was created.


I had been influenced by “heavy house/ground” since I was a little girl.


Also, I have seen how they would be…their marriage, mind life and finance being affected .


So I think it’s very deep problem.

Maaya’s JP blog on May 27 2016