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Email tells me “invisible information”

I think I will deliver something like that in Terakoya and MV Healing seminar.

Well, as long as your sensor is sharp and trained, you can see his/her condition by thing he/she has, email he/she sent to you even he/she is not standing in front of you.


Especially email delivers his/her condition more accurately rather than object and meet him/her actually.


I read email from various people every day, and I feel his/her mental condition and present his/her condition itself from whole his/her email.


I feel and understand “I see, this person is like that now. He/she must be hard …”
even I have never met and never been consulted by him/her.

The other day, we had Face to Face Brain Treatment, and I don’t feel “He/she must be hard” from his/her email whom I met recently and meet him/her often.


After all,

Human being changes depending on

what kind of energy they give off you communicate with

what kind of their condition you communicate with

what kind f their brain wave you communicate with  

(It’s hard to describe it by words, so I would like to deliver it by drawing)


MV has various treatment ,“Remote Hi Dimensional Healing” and “Brain Treatment”, etc, and their conditions have been fixed definitely.


Email tells me that 😛 


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 21 2016