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Different person by Brain Treatment ♪

From a family whom I advised various things based on “Brain Care” in MV Hybrid Session…

“Thank you for MV Hybrid Session.

Since then, conversations between us have increased and his appearance is cheerful and looks a different person!

It’s bright in my family^^*

People around him think his impression was …., but now they say he became cheerful! and I realized his change.

I am glad that we went to Maaya Village.

I would like to continue to take Brain Treatment!

Thank you!”

Yes, I recommended them to take “Brain Treatment” as after-session care.


Brain is very important.

Brains are significantly different from person to person.


Therefore, best sleep quantity and food is different a little bit depending on the person.


These days, I feel so strongly observing my brain.


Information you gather from TV and books

as ‘It is like this generally’,

may be of “no practical use for you”.

You had better understand it.

Your life, achievement, work quality and income will be different depending on whether you can do your own original “Brain Care” or not.

Whether or not you can do wonderful love and marriage depends on it, too.


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 17 2016