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“脳(Brain)” is the very weapon for up-and-coming business person.

Yesterday we had “Brain o-” which is a treasure-house of MV special techniques and greater than “Brain Treatment”.

During the “Brain o-” I got original “tips to keep brain comfortable” which works only her especially from the universe of information and delivered it to her .

“In case of you, sleep is fine with …..Please refrain from XXXX.  XXX is O.K. Seems you had better do XX a little bit”

Recently, I have observed and researched brain including mine further.

I think features of human beings are different from person to person, and there are often cases don’t apply for below to everyone:

Good to sleep X hours.

Eat XX good for brain.

Good to do XX for Brain…

Yesterday, after “Brain o-”, I had a meeting with an up-and-coming business person.

In the meeting, by the flow of a conversation, I did Remote (short distance across the table from her) Brain Treatment.

“Wow. Great. It became XX and XXX… Well, how can I describe…_?”

After the treatment

“Oh, mist in my head has gone. My head is very light”

She was very impressed by simple the “Brain Treatment”.

It seems that the area around her neck is stuffed and shoulders and neck are intense.

“Your brain condition is a typical pattern of ‘whose brain is tired by using brain so much’. Today, the quality of your sleep shall be better. Also, from tomorrow your brain shall work more smoothly”


To businessman who work hard every day:

“Brain” is the very weapon for up-and-coming business person.

MV will contribute for such people by various ways to improve their brain function and IQ as they can do higher quality of work, they can spend higher quality life and they can be higher quality themselves.
MV starts earnest operation. 🙂

Then, today we have “Face to Face Brain Treatment”. We will take care of your brains with enjoyment. 😉


Maaya’s JP blog on June 18 2016