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Today’s healing day♪ ~Remove heavy things~

Today at 9:00pm is Remote Healing. 🙂 


*Today is MV day off, so email of informing of healing start and end will not be sent.
Thank you for your understanding.♪

I have done “Reborn Program” in succession from March, and what I feel always there:







and Information.


In MV Terakoya on July 9:

Know your mission, purpose and true desire!
“Reunion with your higher self! Meet true yourself!”


We will remove the “weight” and we will lead you to get the high dimensional state of light and free and being high dimensional something which light and free.

( Well you can say that it’s spiritual awakening)

Due to the reasons you can’t imagine, the “weight” occurs.


Doing that in shrine,

Doing that in meditation or achieving desires.

Doing that in note on the wall.

Continued to do what you learned from your parents, teacher and society believing it.

“This” and “that”….


At a glance, these are standard things anybody does.

However, looking from high dimensional view point,

It’s binding you by chain,

Put you weight

Confine you in jail.

And blocked you in every direction.


All doors closed:
Whichever direction you go, you invite unlucky.

Helpless. Being sunk.

What is “this” and “that”?


The answer will be provide in Terakoya on July 9. 😛 


Such a way, human being continues to make themselves “heavy” and to next life( afterlife) and to next life..and next life (descendant).

They do “transmit”.
Thinking of that I will do remote healing as you don’t be a friend with “weight” , you don’t kill yourself for the sake of the “weight”.


This blog informs you of very deep and high dimensional thing.

Please feel it by your inside softly and gently not by words.


Then, whom applied for today’s remote healing! See you at 9:00PM!


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 13 2016