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“Past Life” touched in “Four Problems of Human Being”, too -1-

I have touched “Past Life” in “4 problems of Human Being”, so I will write about it.

When you do this in session badly, it can be dangerous.

However, if your and your client’s consciousness are high dimensional and have IQ which won’t messed up by those things you and your client), it may be fine.


People who are fluffy spiritual were ( are ?) into “Past Life” oddly, so MV is avoiding it.


In addition to that, we have old MV theory “Life Span”.

Well, it means…

Yes, we can’t be made up without past life and future life. 🙂 


I only have delivered it such way casually, intentionally. 😆 




Suddenly, naturally and when it flashes into mind, I went back to client’s past life in session.


( In the future, we may create a program which specialized for Past Life)


What is more, several past lives.


This is like “time traveler “ and that’s really tiring.


Well, I did “reading past life” suddenly, naturally and it flashed into mind recently, and I did it several times and noticed it.


It’s more tiring rather than going back to the past of your present life and seek and find problems and heal those.


Dimension Transportation, Parallel World Transportation?

Anyway, feeling of fatigue is heavy.
Then, I did “reading past life” suddenly, naturally and it flashed into mind, so, without saying “ I will go back to your past lives and find your problems and heal it” beforehand I dived into her past lives.



she is already breaking down crying in the session.


When I said “done”, she said

“It was long long trip~”.


“ Long trip”, I see, it’s right expression to the operation I did. Actually, what I did was…”


Then, for the first time, I told her the content of the operation.


I went back to past lives and I stepped into the problem which past lives had continued to have,

so I understand that her “nature” and “true self” side broke down crying saying “it’s long trip.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 27 2016