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The basis on “Spiritual Awakening”, “Rejuvenation” and “Healing” 1

May be from April?

MV was flooded with “Reborn Program” orders and we have done a considerable number of “Reborn Program” on April, May and June.

In addition to that, we had “MV Hybrid session” and “Brain Treatment”, so I had worked too much like a superhuman.

I think today’s sentences are strange.


I hadn’t been able to handle “language”: blog, mail, simple conversation and instruction to staff by skype. I think I used brain particularly too much.

This “Reborn Program” transforms a life of a human being, so quantity of consciousness, vital energy and brain energy I consume is impressive.

It may be an excuse, and please wait for secret goods production.

Finally, today I came to return to normal, so seems I can get down to the production. 😉 


MV Terakoya

Know your mission, purpose and true desire!

“Reunion with your higher self! Meet true yourself!”


The content I will deliver to you,

and the content you will acquire
is a core, center and basis which leads to


MV Terakoya we are planning to hold

“Spiritual Awakening”

“Achieving Desire”

“Meeting Partner”

“Health/ rejuvenation”


Also, we are planning to deliver them as methods to you some other time.

It’s core, center and basis of “MV Healing”


We can name Terakoya on July, the first “ Spiritual Awakening Terakoya!”

The bottom line is, to live in this world freely, you can’t go well without the essence of “Spritual Awakening” to some extent.

It must be hard to accept it for whom don’t doubt that visible world is the only reality…

To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 6 2016