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MV Space Terakoya


Know your mission, purpose and true desire!

“Reunion with your higher self! Meet true yourself!”


Please think it over.


Are you alright if you die the way you are now?

Are you satisfied with your way of living?


I will ask you again.

Truly……Can you die without regret?


Questions anybody has once:

“What for am I living?”

“Am I alright as I am now?

“How I should to spend happy and satisfactory life?!”

“Do I really like my current job?”

“Is the desire I seek is what I hope truly?


In MV Space Terakoya on July 9, we remove your gloomy and unclear things in your mind and you will notice your mission, purpose and desire.


Why can you do that?


Yes, because we will let you meet true yourself “higher self” again.


When we continue to live disconnected with “higher self (true self)”, you are affected by circumstance, parents, school and society and you live a life centered on those ans those are far away from your purpose of your true self.

Though I work hard,I feel empty.

Though I live as parents, teachers and other advised me, every day is boring.

Dissatisfaction and uneasiness always occupies my mind.

I am always unstable and no confidence.

I don’t know what I would like to do.

Those people are disconnected with “Higher self (true self)”

Let’s get back connection with higher self and pour 100% energy to what you really would like to do and make the rest of your life satisfying without regret.


You may imagine it’s fluffy spiritual thing from “higher self ‘true self)”, but we will navigate your consciousness to high dimensional world.


Also, we will propose “how we had better live “ using “Buddhist philosophy” and “Brain system”.


Precious only one life.

Please don’t sink into superficial philosophy of success, how to achieve desire, self-development and how to motivate without true wisdom.


We are not produced for only “happiness of human beings”.

Please don’t bind yourself with common senses and values.


Knowing our wisdom, you will be able to see how you had made yourself “a little man/woman” with light knowledge and information.


At least, I and Shin is living every day knowing “How we should live “.

We can live very lightly and peacefully, pleasantly and boldly♪

I hope you will taste the state!

I have been thinking so, and finally we prepared it for you, so we will navigate you in Terakoya.


This time we have high dimensional techniques of high level and training material for you!

After Terakoya, you will be live without dissatisfaction and anxiety following your true voice.

Who have work (study and learn, too)working on thinking “I have only this! This is my mission!”

True yourself may say “it’s wrong!”.

Work (study and learn, too)  working on now existed only in your past and around you decades ago.

Then, there is a reason why you were attracted.


Reunion with your higher self… Namely, if you can connect with your true self,
・You can be stable who are not influenced by confusion of the world and others!

・You can have a life which isn’t messed up your trauma and unstable mind!

・You can spend satisfying life every as you think you are ready to die!

・You can die after saying “My life was best!” before your die!

・You can satisfied with your life no matter how others live, and no matter what lives the society requires!

・You can clearly bring what for you live up in your consciousness.

・You will be a person who are required by society and clients no matter the world becomes hard!

・You become free from problem and anxiety of money, work, relationship and how to live a life!

・You can grasp anything; money, work, success and partner by yourself!

・You can find a job you can think you are fine taking risk of your life!

・As you can clearly and completely know what you are seeking, you don’t have to waste of your time!

・What you would like to do is clear, so you can surely achieve your desire and purpose at the shortest time!

・Your dream and desire becomes big and you can have a large-scale life!

・You will be a person who have big and warm heart truly!

・You can be a true leader!

・You can be a charismatic person!

・You will exude confidence and be stable, so you will be relied and trusted by others!

・Your true charm will come out, so you will be liked by regardless of same-gender and the other sex!

・You will be upgraded, and wonderful partner and friends who matches you will flock around you!

・You can live a life getting true yourself and the universe on your side, so your life will be the happiest one!

・Not a life as climbing high wall hard as if you were possessed by something. You can get a life which you can appreciate rich and fruitful life!

・You can appreciate yourself, you were born and living now from bottom of your heart!

・Connecting others, the earth and whole universe and can feel oneness!
・You can live a life sharing important things with people you love!

・You can leave important things which only you can give to people you love!
It’s recommended to people below!

・Who are not satisfied with yourself now and the way of your living.

・You don’t have a thing which you can give yourself 100% to, and think it’s half-completed               in everything you do.

・You feel you can show your true power.

・You had learned in seminar, book and teaching material, but you haven’t gotten the results at all.

・You don’t know whether your current work is suitable or not.

・In the first place, you don’t know for what purpose  you are living.

・You are feeling your life is boring.

・You don’t know what to do at all.

・You have resistant to money and being rich.

・Who would like to have a satisfactory life getting what you would like to get.


Date: July, 9th , 2016

Time: 13:00-20:00

Place: Tokyo in Japan.

Fee: 128,000 JPY


Schedule of 2016 MV Space Terakoya

Control of emotion. Trauma. RelationshipRevival* around autumn.

 ・You can attract partner and desires at the shortest time.
Partner & Realizing desires*winter

※If you would like to take 『Partner & Realizing desires』 especially, please take coming “Reunion with your higher self! Meet true yourself!” and 『Control of emotion. Trauma. Relationship』.


The content we will provide to you this time will increase the effect of 『Partner & Realizing desires』 and enhance the certainty. Also, this Terakoya includes the secret principals, so a difference between who attend and don’t may take place.

If you really hope a life which you get anything you hope and wonderful partner,

We recommend you shall take the seminars in the order below.

 『Reunion with your higher self! Meet true yourself!』→
 『Control of emotion. Trauma. Relationship
 『Partner & Realizing desires


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 24 2016