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The date and content of TERAKOYA has been determined ~MV Space TERKOYA~

Today I and Shin were thinking over the content of coming Terakoya.


We came close to a place we can announce, so we will announce the date only. 🙂 


Date: July 9, Saturday, 2016

Place: Tokyo in JAPAN


Let me please announce the detail of the content later, as I would like to deliver it properly.


BUT…you would like to know it a little bit. 😉 


Yes I know, so I would like to deliver it to you a little bit…
“What for are you living?”

“What is your purpose?”

“Have you met true yourself?”

“Desires you have right now is your true desire?”

“Do you think you won’t regret before die, the way you are going?”


You will get these above clearly and completely in Terakoya.
Thus, Terakoya is which we will navigate you as you can live and finish your life without any waste and with satisfaction.


This time we have technique with high difficulty for you.

We will connect you to your XXXXXXXX.



“Yes, I wanted to do it~”

I can see the vision many of you will scream from bottom of your heart. 😛 


Later, I will inform the detail of the content and pre-orders.

Tomorrow is Remote Brain Treatment.


Hope you will have a great day tomorrow as well. 😉 

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 18 2016