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Miracles are happening !!! ”Brain”

MV is energy problem institute.

After all, facing with energy problems we can’t avoid touching human brain matter.


MV has grasped what human brain is a lot.

Now we are experimenting great operation using subjects.

Then, we are producing great effects!

We are surprised!

I think we can provide it to you, so please wait a while. 😛 



Your daily life, relationship, dietary habit, work, study…

There are many cases that it has affected these above due to your brain ? I think.

Therefore, in spite of much effort you can’t go forward.

I can’t tell you further.  Let me please tell you coming Terakoya on July 4 using real story in detail!

I believe who are hard now and have big problem would be able to have hope.


If brain isn’t working well, nothing goes well.


As in the presence of changes of some subjects, I think so deeply.


Human being = Brain

I often say so, and an event happened as symbolizing it.


I will deliver what human brain is deeply, highly and widely on July 4th, so please look forward it. 😉 

I am working on creating resume now, and the content is great which leads to “the truth of invisible world”, High dimensional education.

Is there seminar, book or people who delivers such knowledge and wisdom?

I am proud of the content thinking participants who would be able to know the content is lucky.



Life knowing the content and attaining a state or not…

There will be difference: “SlaXX of Your Life” or “Controller of Your Life”


Maaya’s JP blog on June 30 2015