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The importance of “thought” ~Are you managing your thinking?~

The importance of “thinking”; you may think “Thinking…well, thinking is important”.


However, it differs a little bit in this blog.


It means that the content, quality and direction of thought when human beings think is important.

The content, quality and direction of thought determines the content, quality and direction of your life.

Namely, if your thought is wrong, your life goes wrong.


This is the same content I delivered in Terakoya basically; who has a symptom is unlucky and bad timing.

Then, why thought is wrong, their life, work, private, relationship, mind, physical condition and brain condition goes wrong, is because, the thought influences the invisible world.


I have written many blogs these things, but I hope I can deliver it in detain in Terakoya someday.


This leads to “realization of your desire”, so the content would be beneficial for anybody.

Who is the manager of your thought?

It’s only you.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Apr. 10 2016