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Today is healing day~People who get brainwashed easily ~

Recently I have observed human being’s condition change ( error of brain system, inconsistent mental state and act of speaking and behavior ),

and I could see more detail of ○system, public mind and opportunistic pathogen which MV has delivered often.



Who get depressed easily.

Whose head is full of anxiety, worry and fear.

Whose talk and action is inconsistent

Who can’t live independently.

Who is unstable mentally or who can’t be mature mentally.

May be the reason is….


Who get brainwashed easily had better be careful.

Being defenseless you never ever be able to take the lead of your own life.
After all…

You had better choose information.

Especially if you get brainwashed easily.



△ group is fine.

They are hardly effected by any information.

As they established themselves firmly.


Also, they choose only necessary things for themselves and their purposes from any information.

They have skill to find out diamond from garbage information.


Well, they have strong purposes, so their brains work so naturally.

Therefore, who don’t have strong purpose are driven along by big something.

If big something always shows good information and good direction, ○system, public mind and opportunistic pathogen are fine, but almost 100% that they don’t show.


After all, it’s up to your “brain” whether your life goes well or not.

Well, sounds like Brain Treatment advertisement, but I don’t mean that.

Today is healing day, so taking consideration of that, I am going to do remote healing ( fix your frequency/ fill energy)


See you at 21:00PM!


From Maaya’s JP blog on Apr. 23 2016