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『Brain Treatment』 Eyes are clear like precious stone♪

Dear Maaya, Shin and staff,


Thank you for Brain Treatment!

I could spent a tranquil time.

I took the treatment to prepare your Terakoya[seminar] so that my head can hold the information you will deliver to us.

After the treatment I found that my eyes, the white became clearly white and the black became clearly black!

Whole eyes are shining as if they were coated by something and they look like beautiful precious stone, and I am gazing in my face in a mirror.( laugh)


When you cleaned my brain in MV hybrid session this summer, my eyes became clear, but now it past three months and I started to concerned about my muddy eyes, so I thought it’s necessary to Brain Treatment regularly


If you are to see brain situation, you will get it soon when you see ”eyes”.

“Eyes” show “brain” conditions: whether function is working or not.


Therefore, eyes has changed means “brain” function has improved. 🙂 


I always see that way.


It’s MOTTAINAI (Japanese) that though you take care of your body, skin, hair and teeth, you don’t care important “brain”. (  I know there are few place to treat brain, so we have no choice though)
The more we know hormone relation the more we understand that human being are influenced by brain( may be said “controlled”)

I think Human=Brain.

It is important to “knowing brain” and “Fixing brain condition” if you would like to something about yourself and your life.


Especially this time I felt hot around my body and eye-mask when the treatment started.

Also, when you removed unnecessary information I got eye irritation and felt pain.

However, I hadn’t felt anything in remote healing and MV session, so I am pleased to be able to feel these things clearly.

I feel I made progress a little bit ^^。

If you have bodily sensation, it’s good for you to be able to taste brain treatment effect more.


When we do the treatment, they put eye-mask, so they can’t see.

However, when I remove unnecessary information and energy,


“Right now are you doing for my right eye? I feel something is falling out from my right eye…I am feeling it strongly”

“YES!” 😉 


We have sort of conversations sometimes.

Like that, there are people who feel it correctly.


Of course, you don’t have to feel it.

Well, what I would like to say is that “anybody can expect effects”.


When we do highest-grade treatment, “Brainstem Treatment” for whom feel it correctly, they say

“Ah, ahhhhh, ..

I see. Brain Treatment is necessary… I understood it after the treatment actually.

We should take the treatment regularly! I would like to move to Tokyo!”


Brain Treatment”
I am thinking I would like to do it in Osaka, not only in Tokyo.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 4 2014