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In spite of busy,high stress and irregular sleep, ” my skin is in great condition!!”

Let me add to previous email^^
Although I am busy,an under high stress, irregular sleep, now exercise and don’t care eating, my skin is in great condition!!


My mother who meets me only one or two times a year said to me.

“Recently your skin is great. You started to use new cosmetics or massage?”


However, it’s the same cosmetic for almost 20 years.


The biggest difference is I have changed my information by taking a bath adding MV salt to bathtub, care myself by MV card, Brain Treatment, train abdomen by putting MV stone and Remote Healing.

I wanted to inform you that, so I emailed you.

Thank you for reading it!

Today is Remote Healing day I am looking forward^^

Thank you!


Energy condition( information) you have and are giving off is related to skin very much.

When you fix you energy, frequency and informational world, your brain, skin, eyes, physical condition, also, something like fortune which is floating shall start to change.


Thank you for your email. 🙂 



Enjoy the Remote Healing on 13th!!

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 14 2014