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To whom succeed in nothing. You are disregarding “invisible field”?

This is ○○!

Thank you for the Brain Treatment♪ Left thumb which hadn’t moved at all can now do” paper”: ‘rock” ,’scissors’ and ‘paper’. Thank you so much. I thought that three of you, wise men operated was…Brain Op….

It’s not a little bonus…I was moved and moved♪

This is simple, but deep.


Yes, this four is “Knack” of Maaya who has lived my life sensing ”invisible field” and together with “invisible field”.

Therefore,  as you mentioned, it’s simple but deep, and it will change human’s reality and life certainly. or  perhaps I should say that it will make you be able to control your reality and life easily. You will be able to “read” movement around you.  (It differs from person to person)

There are many sort of things in the the world:
“You will be fine only if you do this”
“__ laws for success”

However, those are on the assumption that “there are only visible physical world”.

Our universe involves “invisible field”(multidimensional).  Therefore, it can not be said easily that tips to go well is this and that.

First, how to treat your “human consciousness” shall change your reality.

This is important.

>Left thumb which hadn’t moved at all can now do” paper”: ‘rock” ,’scissors’ and ‘paper’.

Thumb which hadn’t moved for a long time.

We touched it a little bit in Face to Face Brain Treatment. 😉

Anyway, your brain is moving your body, so catching some points we acceded it from her brain.

It worked well. Great.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 6 2016