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Supernatural power? It’s my work♪ -3-

On a previous blog

I access to your brain carefully by remote

and see your brain condition.

Then, I come to understand many things.


I understand whether you did or doing

something healing or other, and I grasp more than that,


I wrote above.

This is the one of the email exchanges.

Treatment contents email I wrote after “Remote Brain Treatment”

>Well, I am concerned about your pineal body.

I guess XXX or something is affecting you ( though I don’t know whether it is present or old one)


>Things you go into by yourself will affect you, but I cared them as much as I could in Remote Brain Treatment.


For about 6 months I haven’t taken Brain Treatment, I have listened to sounds which stimulate pineal body.

Slick with sweat.



Yes, seeing your brain, I often see thorough what you are doing.

Also, I can pick out whether you are doing that of your free will or you are affected by something unexpectedly.


MV advises:

Your brain (spirit, thoughts, emotion, Hado[vibes], frequency and life) will go crazy, so please don’t do strange things by yourself.

I understand you are interested in mystery world or developing some abilities, but there are things will get tough among them, so please be careful.


Then, it’s desirable that such abilities shall be developed naturally.
(After darkness in your mind has gone, the dimension of your conscious has been raised, ego became not strong, became free from Trauma and past , and personality became stable and changed to light and stable mind condition)


Be careful those who start to develop from hunger, lacking and inferiority complex.


As I repeatedly mentioned,

only objects and conditions which tune in your conscious dimension and darkness in your mind shall come to you.


Anyway, first please fix yourself thoroughly.

Please fix deep internal within yourself.


If you  go into invisible world with hunger, lacking and inferiority complex, and without fixing yourself,  it would be like a movie “Chronicle”.

Actually I experienced of saving such people.

It’s very troublesome.


They can’t control their own brain, mind, thought, emotion and body enough as it is.

To make it worse, some energy is poured into them.


Nobody can control.


Seriously, brain, body, life, work, finance and family will fall into ruin.


I experienced of saving such a person, so let me tell you that.

It was really hard.

She connected with XX world with desperation having hunger, lacking and inferiority complex.

Because of the energy of that world, I had that thing and this thing.


Then, the eliminating method is making her/his darkness in her/his mind lighter and lighter.

It’s not easy, but this is the only way.


The lighter your darkness in your mind( hunger, lacking and inferiority complex),

the more “ I would like to improve IQ”, “I would like to be a fast thinker” will be realized naturally.


The bottom line is;

Things you are working on thinking “ I would like to improve IQ”, “I would like to be a fast thinker” “I would like to get mystic power” are making worse your brain function and lower IQ…

Such things are common.

You are adult who take responsibility by yourself, so you can do anything freely, but please don’t forget that MV havs given you those advices since MV has established.


Why I do the advice fussily, is because I have seen several people who became on the blink of disabled person.


Please get rid of your darkness of your mind and fix your energy.

Though it’s not advertisement, but for that, we have
『Reborn Program』
『Hybrid Session』
『Secret Goods』
『Remote Healing』


After that, you can start to work on IQ improvement and raise your awarness.

If you are interested in mystic power, you should start to develop the ability after you get rid of darkness and fix your energy.  I think it’s fun and you can handle it safely.


As I repeatedly mentioned,

I prefer not to come closer to those who have developed some abilities with darkness in his/her mind( hunger, lacking and inferiority complex)

Such atmosphere and energy is generating intensely.


MV is total XXX(→what words does apply for ? 😆 ) supports your

Brain, consciousness, mind, thought, emotion, body, energy, Hado(wave motion), frequency, vibration, work, finance, life, family, family-line, house, land…soul, system,,,past and future, etc,

The end.


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 12 2016