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E mail about Remote Healing with Golden Week Special Service -2-


Dear Maaya,
Thank you as always! Now is Golden Week in Japan, but I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for increasing the seat for Remote Brain Treatment. I am very happy and I can’t wait for the Remote Brain Treatment day.

Yes, it’s convenient for those who are far away.

Remote Brain Treatment.

I started to take monthly remote healing ( with getting rid of Karma and Trauma option) and Brain Treatment, and after Brain Treatment, my daughter recovered from the constipation magically.
Actually, my daughter had been suffered from constipation since she was 18 months for about 2 years. It’s normal that she hasn’t haven a bowel movement for 4-5 days, and she tries so hard and passed out often, so I used purgative prescribed by a doctor for her,

However, every time I use the medicine for her, I felt like my heart would break feeling that I let her drink poison.

Then, every time she has a bowel movement I breathe freely, and soon I was wondering when she will have it again…

It’s the cycle. Thinking it would be help her, there was a period that she had taken healing for three months. Regarding emotion, she grew up so quickly and became an active girls beyond recognition.

However, constipation hasn’t been improved… This time, I thought that nothing will start unless I change myself first of all rather than changing my daughter!

I thought so strongly, and I applied for remote healing and Brain Treatment for me.

Effect is great, and I can cope with calmly in a situation even I used to be irritated, and being emotional to my daughter is decreasing.

I noticed that who I ‘ve been up had huge repressed feelings…and I understood that my feelings moved to my daughter and it made her constipation…

I hope I could notice it, but I have a chance to meet MV and I started to change myself better direction.

I hope I can spend time cheerfully, brightly and healthy.

I understood that being lively, who I am a parent, is good for my daughter!

Still, before healing and Brain Treatment, The Unlimited Creation of The Universe (MV product) has a lot of bubbles, I think it’s reacting to me.

 will continue to take the remote healing and Brain Treatment as much as I can do. Sorry to disturb you during long holidays. Thank you so much.

Yes, you are right.
Especially children’s bad condition is

(If she/he lives with his/her family, even she/he is 30 years old, she/he is influenced by parents. Actually, even she/he doesn’t live with his/her family, she/he is influenced by parents. This is a structure of us, human beings. In Terakoya, we deliver these things♪)

influenced by parents 100%
Especially “constipation” which is no problem physical function is so.

Well also “skin” and “respiratory system” are so.
Kid’s “constipation”…

I understand how hard it is.

I was a kid who had been suffered from super-constipation” since I was born as your daughter.

My parents did various treatments, but didn’t work well… My father saw me, and he said; “I feel sorry too much, and my eyes were filled with tears…”.

In my case, it continued until I am good age adult. Because, my family, parents had no chance to take MV remote healing and MV Brain Treatment , their energy/information was too polluted and stagnated. 😆

Then, I had been influenced by those. Yes! Super-constipation is great suffer. It’s good that she is XXXXXXXX.

With super-constipation, every time he/she enters kindergarten, primary school and junior high school, difficulties will come about. Coping with it now is “Well done!”


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 6 2016