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The reason why “Brain Treatment” is popular -5-

Thank you as always. The Brain Treatment is the third time for me, and the first time I could see XXXXXXXXX dramatically, and after the second treatment, reading the operation content I could see improvement of sleep quality and XXX which grew worse especially at night.  Now I could understand that my chronic XXX symptom occurred relating to those things.

Yes, “BRAIN” controls your whole  body. 🙂

Looking back now, chronic XXXX has gone, and now I am able to XXXX well, and as you mentioned in operation content, and I can get up easily morning and my face cleared. In addition to that, XXXXX has been improved as well!!  In Terakoya(seminar), when I learned that if we have problem in XXXX we have no luck I was startled. I have been thinking that it goes bad luck always and felt sorry since I have seen XXXX

I was feeling that the longer being with XXX, the more something black and foggy comes around me.

Now, it has gone completely!!! The discomfort, foggy and black something!? I fully understand there is black XXX very much in XX’s head. Now the discomfort and foggy things have gone and XX’s face is cleared and gained physical strength. Also, I am feeling good being with XXX.  Now I would like to grasp what brain is, and I am respectful, thankful very much for you who are working in the field where is still unknown and poorly understood even today!!!

Thank you as always.  I am looking forward coming the Brain Treatment!


To be honest with you, the report is like a miracle.
Because of various consideration, I omitted many parts, but actually seeing from general world, it’s a succession of miracles.

I have many things I would like to write, but writing on this blog is limited unfortunately, considering many various things I won’t write.

Anyway, MV does as much as we can do for you and around you to be healthy more. 🙂

Tomorrow we have Face to Face “Brain Treatment”. We will burst MV techniques, wisdom and experience for you to the fullest.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Apr.15 2016