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The reason why “Brain Treatment” is popular -4-

It became a long writing, so I will summarize it.


“Brain Treatment” is hugely popular, so I am thinking future activities.


So far, it’s a secret. 😉 

As soon as we get it ready, we will announce it.♪

Surely invisible world is connected to “BRAIN”.


In other words, the universe is connected to “BRAIN”.



If your brain has problems, problems shall come about in your universe ( your life/ your reality),

and if you have problems in your universe( your life/your reality), problems shall come about in your brain…


So, it’s natural for you who took “Brain Treatment” that your skin condition, physical condition and your life is getting better.


That’s why

“Brain Treatment”

(We have further full-scale “Brain Op”,too )

is so popular.


In addition to that,


MV can see your family-line information and what worlds you are connected,

so we know the casual relationship between the brain conditions and the worlds your brain connected.


There is so much understanding only MV has.


I am thinking it would make your life richer if we can deliver these precious understanding to you by book or seminar.

I would like to finish writing introducing some emails from whom took “Brain Treatment”.


Yesterday I read the emails, and I talked with Shin deeply :

“Let’s make the treatment be taken for more people”

“It’s great that we developed the technique of “Brain Treatment”.



To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Apr. 15 2016