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The reason why “Brain Treatment” is popular -1-

Brain Treatment…
Especially!”Remote Brain Treatment” is extremely popular as always.


Well, yes you can take full-scale brain treatment at home, so it’s obvious.


Also, I think only MV can do such a treatment in the world?                  


Because I and Shin created the method and started, so it’s right♪
MV Brain Treatment is neither what you call spiritual healing nor energy healing.


We use quite high dimensional technique, so we can’t deny “mysterious” element,

but we have an intimate knowledge of the structure of brain as well,

and we treat brain from the point.


The structure is not only understanding brain medically.

There are a lot of disxxxxx of brain and bad condition which are helpless with only medical understanding.


MV’s wxxi hypothesis is the field.

By the hypothesis, many people have been saved.


In addition to that,


Why MV has knowledge, wisdom, technique and understanding which medical world, common spiritual or energy healing doesn’t have…


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on April 15 2016