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Today is healing day♪ ~replacement of unhappy Hado(wave motion) by happy Hado~5

Returning to previous topic,

Let me who can read information tell you

that It would be wiser not to connect with various people defenselessly or by force to divert yourself from loneliness or from brainwashed value.


So, I’m not going to shock you, but

Whose reality is untoward (his or her body, mind, thought, feeling, money, work, relationship and family, etc.)

is certainly the information (energy, Hado, vibration and frequency) side they hold and connected with is untoward.


Therefore, please fix the informational side by today’s MV remote healing.

“Reality is a mapping of information side”

(Information side = Cause side)


Only a few present of the reader of this blog

and who attend MV Space Terakoya every time,

can understand the thought. 


Present globe, in decades, this thought will be mainstream.



Many decades later, many people will pass away, and most people will finish their lives unhappy, unhealthy, poor and succession of troubles…


Holding such information they will departure from the lives, and will start from the same condition…


Meanwhile, who found MV which isn’t advertising are great.

In advance of your times, while you are alive,

please set out for next world after understanding “Reality is mapping of information” with your lives.


Well, then, at 9:00PM I will visit your information(energy, Hado, vibration and frequency) you hold and connected with to make it good. 🙂 


From Maaya’s JP blog on April 3 2016