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Today is healing day♪ ~replacement of unhappy Hado(wave motion) by happy Hado~4

Please identify what information and reality the person has.


One is physically weak, unhappy and poor, is because of one’s information side.


Information(energy, Hado, vibration and frequency) is invisible, so it’s troublesome, isn’t t?


Like me, it would be good if you can identify by some kind of method, but if not, it’s really a nuisance.


Originally, human beings have the kind of sense, but I think it is degenerating.


Such human beings tend to be effected by “words”.


Thinking it twice you will understand that “words” can tell any number of lies.


However, informational(energy, Hado, vibration and frequency) world can’t tell a lie.


The universe is made of the information( energy, Hado, vibration and frequency) free of deceit.
That’s true.

If there is a lie and vagueness there, such elaborate universe, globe and human beings can’t be created.


If the world can tell a like as “words can do”, it’s not funny that we human beings may have four eyes, when we wake up our hands may be pig’s hands and our body may start to melt…


This time blue carrot has was produced

From today we have two suns suddenly…


Like that, the universe would be messed up.

If so, the universe can’t be realized.


No lie and vagueness, elaborate information (energy, Hado, vibration and frequency) side establishes the structure of the universe, so we can live in the stable universe and keep stable body.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on April 3 2016