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Today is healing day♪ ~replacement of unhappy 波動[Hado, Vibes] by happy Hado~3

Then, what I would like to deliver is…from here, for real!


It has something common among people who have furious negative information.


A disease is developed for the person himself/herself or child.
The disease is the same.
Which is said to be hereditary…
(It’s will be problem legally, so I will refrain from describing here)


Families and individuals

Those who have information possessed by a large mass.

Those who have worse information.

Those who have too heavy negative information…

will cause …to the person himself/herself or his or her kids…


In case of the person himself/herself, it often causes to her/his body, and in case of child, there is a large possibility of  XXXXX.


When bad information(energy) possessed by a large mass flows into you through gene and others, it can say that your body as computer, machine, can’t bear…


After all, collected MV data shows:

“Information(energy ) side which is cause side, determines our body, spirit and brain condition”.


A certain part becomes heavy and painful…

A cause is worse information of family line.

Well, my experience and data can say that it often results from XX.


It’s not simple harm brought by evil.


Please reexamine your information side in case of you, your kid or your pet has something wrong or problem.

( I think it’s hard for people in general to examine, so you will need professional’s help)


Without fixing and detoxing unnecessary things, your reality never change.



Shin shows me often pictures of his facebook’s friend’s pet saying “cute”, and I say what I feel instantly.

“ The dog is weak.( the dog has a problem before saying pretty)”.
Shin: Ah, yes, he got the dog who had been sick.

Maaya:I knew it…negative information is coming from the picture…


F.Y.I. The owner is sick mentally, too.
Next day, Shin showed me another pictures of facebook friend’s pet saying “pretty”.

“The dog is weak, too. Unhappy Hado(wave motion)…(The owner is sick or unhappy?)”.

“Yes, recently his friend’s dog died and he is fainthearted now”.


Also, as expected, the owner is suffering from a serious disease.


Like that, if you can read information (energy, Hado, vibration and frequency), you can know the reality of the person and pet.

Moreover, I can say that if you have heavy information including sick, surely negative information is coming from the picture of your pet. Therefore, I hope you shall fix your information for your pet and yourself.

Please think about whom you are connected with on Facebook, blog, web and SNS, etc .seriously.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on April 3 2016