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Today is healing day♪ ~replacement of unhappy Hado(wave motion) by happy Hado~2

I think you can understand it with the metaphor.


The bigger negative degree of negative informational sea, and the more dirty and stagnant the quality of the water,

some stain and stagnation attaches to me who I dove into the sea to research.


In my case, I can dive into the sea deeply and get information firmly and certainly, so I can’t avoid bit of stain and stagnation.



I do operation of seeing family line information in session only, and I do the work for only whom purchase the secret goods.


Also, regarding diving work and production work, I determine as “I do those work when my energy is in perfect condition”.


If I do those work when my energy is depletion state before and after TERAKOYA,

I may really “die hitting the head at the corner of Tofu”.(Japanese expression)


Actually, rather than worry about myself,

I worry about; I may not be able to get right answer, my great energy may not warm up to MV secret goods I create,

and if so, I can’t give clients satisfactory results,

and if so, I feel sorry.

In addition to that, my professionalism won’t allow half-finished work.


Simply I would like to do great work.


Therefore, “I do those work when my energy is in perfect condition”.

Well, yesterday I dove into those kind of seas, two family lines,

and a part of my body got heavy and painful, my intestinal movement stopped, lost appetite, couldn’t eat.

Then, after I took care of those, negative information has gone with a lot of burps.


The latter half of yesterday, I rested my damaged body, informational body, nerve and sensory organs.

I dreamed of growing gray, so I think I used huge vigor and vital energy.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on April. 3 2016